Tofu, Food’s Master of Disguise

Haha! Mein erstes Woot-Shirt. Ich liebe es! Dank an @gesindel für … alles.

Immer schön eine Nummer kleiner bestellen – der „classic closer-fitting style“ unserer amerikanischen Freunde lässt hierzulande Großmütter besorgt aufschreien: „Kind, du musst mehr essen, dein T-Shirt ist viel zu weit.“ Darüber hinaus empfiehlt sich die Bezahlung mittels Kreditkarte oder eines aufgeladenen Paypal-Kontos.

Tofu, Food's Master of Disguise

Tastes Like Chameleon

He knew from the start: he could do it all.

For five years, he stayed with the fishermen, learning their craft. His muscles grew strong, he could tell the net from the hook. Then he vanished one night, not even saying goodbye.

He was seen next making sausage, mastering the proper spices. By the time they figured out it was him, he had gone again, perhaps to Texas, or maybe the Chesapeake Bay.

Some people say he’s just chicken, never revealing his true self. But even if he was chicken, you’d never know it. Because someone like Tofu, he can be anywhere, anyone… maybe even… YOU.